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  • DAVID451

    15 November 2015

    dapat artikel bagus, dishare oleh seorang anak smp, maaf tidak ditranslate yah..

    A. Stories.

    1. There was a kid and a father lived in a house near garden. Once upon a day, the father asked his boy, “Son, can you help me? I have a pierced basket. I put the bucket there. Can you fill that bucket with the water that brought with that pierced basket?” The son answered, “Yes, I can”. The basket was dirty because it is used for charcoal.

    So the son come to the pool and take up some water, then walked to the bucket’s place. But because the basket was pierced, the water spill. He tried again until 5×, but it still the same. Then he asked to his father, “I have tried 5×, but the water spill”. The father said, “Of course. You walked. Try to run. Maybe you can fill the bucket”.

    So the son come again to the pool and take up some water again, then ran to the bucket’s place. It still the same, although he ran. He protested to his father. But his father said, “Look at this basket. It was dirty, but now it is clean, because he water you bring keep cleaning the basket”.
    2. A worker needs to build a building. He had some materials. When he started to build the building, he formed some materials that not fit. Bent steel he formed became flat steel. Sharp steel he formed became blunt steel, etc.

    B. Explanation and reflection
    From no. 1: the father is God, the son is us. The basket is our heart, the bucket is our will and the pool is God’s Word. When the first God asked us to do something, we obeyed. God “mocked” us and commanded us to fulfill our desire, by using His Word. We fail, and we surely fail. We protested to Him, and He said to try harder. We tried harder but still fail. We protested. But God then revealed that if we persistent trying with His Word, His Word will cleanse our hearts.
    From no. 2: the worker is God, the materials are us. When God wanted to build us into a better characters, He formed some materials. Being formed with love is not always soft. But maybe really hard and painful. A sharp steel formed into a blunt steel is really painful. And to form a bent steel into a flat steel is painful too.

    So the conclusion from these stories: we must be persistent and faithful to Him. We must believe, that He is forming us into better characters. Maybe we felt the pain, the hard ways, but we must believe God’s way to form us is the best. And if we conquered the temptations, and not escape, we become better, and pleased God. Soli Deo Gloria. Amen.

    sumber : sermonsandchristian.wordpress. ... tent-in-christ/

  • 18 November 2015

    good advice

  • MEY072

    18 November 2015

    God ways higher than my ways..

    The pains and experiment makes us closer to God..

    Thanks for sharing

1 – 3 dari 3Kirim tanggapan